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Students Welfare

Religious Life

Tanzania is a secular state. Therefore, students have freedom of religious worship as long as it is intended to promote students’ welfare and encourage positive religious values, without disrupting other university core functions. Moreover, the activities should not cause noise pollution to other students and the University community at large. Permission and venue for such activities should be sought from the Dean of Students.

Cafeteria Services

Are available on payment to both staff and students of the university premises. Number of canteens and restaurants are also available in close proximity.

Sports and Recreation

The Head of Students’ Welfare shall facilitate the formation of different students’ sports teams such as netball, football, volleyball and others.


The university has made arrangements with external lodging providers (privately owned hostels and residences) in the institution’s immediate vicinity.

Please read the attached list of privately owned hostels and residences for information on location, fees, and communication.

Students should, however, visit the hostels before making any reservations. The Dean of Students’ Office will help you with any housing issues you may have.

Medical and Hospital Services

The University provides emergency and first aid services to guarantee the health of its students. In addition, there are health centers near the University that provide excellent health care.

Students at MzU are now registered in a medical insurance program (with NHIF) before the start of the academic year in order to have easier access to medical services.

This is made possible through the Dean of Students’ office. Students having private health insurance coverage should bring their cards with them and provide evidence of coverage to the Dean.

Students Administration and Discipline

The Students’ Bylaws for MzU is a guideline relating to life that fosters conducive teaching and learning environment and promote behaviour, values and attitudes acceptable for the targeted group and society.

This document allows flexibility to accommodate different beliefs, values and professional backgrounds. The document has been prepared to be user friendly.

It is therefore, expected that the student of MzU will be reasonable to read, comprehend and implement the document to their best satisfaction.

This document also provides an explanation of the process involved for responding to allegations of student misconducts, students’ rights and complaint procedure as elaborated in then Students’ Bylaws and directs on what actions MzU will take in dealing with violations of MzU regulations.The aim of the Students’ Bylaws is to ensure, as far as is practicable and reasonable that MzU strives to:

a) Prepare students to be more responsible for their learning and future professionalism;
b) Promote and protect human rights as individuals and as members in the society
c) Harmonise different beliefs and cultural norms including individual faith and values;
d) Safeguard the scarce available resources;
e) Promote gender equity when making judgments;
f) Establish good governance and use of the law; and
g) Reinforce discipline and promote acceptable student behaviours