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Students Welfare

Students Administration and Discipline

The Students’ Bylaws is a guide book to students’ life at MzU aiming at fostering conducive teaching and learning environment and promoting good behaviour, values and attitudes acceptable for all the groups at MzU and the society at large.

The students’ Bylaws allow flexibility to accommodate different beliefs, values and professional backgrounds. The document has been prepared to be user friendly. It is therefore, expected that the students will be compelled to read, comprehend and implement these bylaws to their best satisfaction.

This document along with the Gender and Safeguarding policy, provides detailed explanation and guidance of the process involved for responding to allegations of student misconducts, students’ rights.

The aim of the Students’ Bylaws is to ensure, as far as it is practicable and reasonable that the MzU strives to:

a) Prepare students to be more responsible for their learning and future professionalism;
b) Promote and protect human rights as individuals and as members in the society
c) Harmonise different beliefs and cultural norms including individual faith and values;
d) Safeguard the scarce available resources;
e) Promote gender equity when making judgments;
f) Establish good governance and use of the law; and
g) Reinforce discipline and promote acceptable student behaviours.