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Mwanza University is a private university registered by Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) with the vision and mission statements derived from the aspirations of its founders.

Mwanza University believes that the vision of an institution portrays the difference between what it is today and what it aspires to become in the future; and also that the vision is a realistic, credible and attractive future of an institution.

The vision gives an institution direction and makes the same awareness of the challenges to reach the target.


Mwanza university mission is to deliver education services in a custom that guarantees learning become easier and fun for all students studying at Mwanza University producing valuable contributing citizens of the global society.


World class university of choice through teaching, research, innovation and services.

Core Values

To achieve its goal, vision, functions and objectives Mwanza University is regulated and driven by six fundamental core values.
  • Effective governance – The university will adopt a leadership style, which is participatory, consensus- oriented, accountability, transparent, responsive, efficient, equitable and inclusive, and following the rule of law.
  • Moral standards and integrity – The University will uphold and ensure accuracy, professional ethics, honesty, corporate social responsibility and human respect in pursuit of its functions.
  • Transparency and accountability – The university leadership will ensure openness, team work, participatory management and answerability in decision-making and implementation of all MzU activities.
  • Innovation and partnership – In performing the core functions, the University would attempt to be creative, cherish novelty and work closely with its stakeholders, including students, staff, government and private institutions, NGO’s, civil-society groups, service providers, development partners and other Universities, both local and elsewhere.
  • Client satisfaction – In performing its core functions, the University would provide customers with adequate information, be transparent, use professional and friendly staff, and offer high- quality services.


Honorable Anne S Makinda Chancellor, Mwanza University

Message from the Chancellor

Heartfelt congratulations upon enrollment at Mwanza University. Where darkness prevails, life is the shipwreck about to sink. Realizing this paramount for everyone to take part in illuminating the world through quality training, research and community service. These, I am informed are your core functions, similar to all other institutions of higher learning in the country. For such a noble mission to be achieved, this university owes its existence to become a center for training and illuminating the whole world just like city on the hill. The Mwanza University is established to bring a significant impact on the higher learning education landscape nationally, regionally and internationally at large, thereby training students from diverse socioeconomic, as well as cultural backgrounds. We are committed to influence students with the love for learning, the hunger for discovery, the passion for creativity, and the burning desire to make the world a better place. The University provides friendly environments for students to pursue their dreams based on aspirations. Learning processes inside and outside the classroom take place in an attractive and peaceful environment ideal for everyone. They are virtually self-sufficient in terms of key services such as libraries, laboratories, playgrounds, hostels, lecture theatres, cafeterias and health facilities. It is safe and secure place that assures the learning goal is appropriately actualized. Now that I welcome you as First Year students, I look forward to seeing that our core values are effectively and efficiently observed and respected. I therefore urge you to intently focus on studies while remaining vigilant on what is taking place elsewhere in the world and being foresighted about what lies ahead of this fast-changing world. I admonish you above all to be creative and innovative that your vision may be realized

Top Management

  • Vice chancellor Prof. Flora M Fabian DDS (UDSM) PhD Anat. (Tokyo Medical & Dental University)
  • Deputy Vice chancellor- Academic, Research and Consultancy (DVC-ARC)Prof. Felix n Kisanga, MD (UDSM), Msc Trop. Dis. Cont. (MUHAS), MPH (Antwerpen), PhD Pub. Heal. (Umea University)
  • Deputy Vice chancellor-Planning, Finance and Administration (DVC –PFA)Prof. Jonathan L Kabigumila, B.Sc., Msc, PhD Zoology (UDSM)

Dean & Directors

  • Dean, School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences Dr. Joseph Mabula, Senior lecturer, MD, MMED Surgery (UDSM)
  • Dean, School of education, law and management.

Head of Departments

  • ANATOMY: Dr.Dominic Marera — Sen. Lecturer (B.Sc. Hum. Anat., MSc. Clinical Anat., PhD Clin.Anat.)
  • PATHOLOGY: Dr. Musoke Sharif- Lecturer (MD, MMED Pathol.)
  • PHYSIOLOGY: Dr. Eze D. Ejige – Sen. Lecturer (BSc, MSc, PhD Human Physiol.)
  • BIOCHEMISTRY: Dr. Justin Mokembo -Lecturer (BSc. Biotechnol., MSc. Biotechnol., PhD Biochem.& Mol. Biol.)
  • Behavioural Sciences and Public Health: Dr Jacob Ikiuyoni Lecturer (PGD Rural Soc. Dev., MA Rural Soc. Dev, PhD Rural soc. Dev.)
  • Development Studies & ICT (Communication Skills): Dr. Beatrice S. Ndosi Lecturer (BA Ed., MA, PhD Mass Comm.)
  • Parasitology & Entomology: Dr. Jasper N. Ijumba — Sen. Lecturer (BSc Ed., MSc. Med. Entomol., PhD Vector Parasitol. )
  • Microbiology & Immunology: Oghonyon E. Igho — Asst. Lecturer (BSc Microbiol., MSc. Pharmace Microbiol. & Biotechnol.)

Location and Contacts

We are happy to hear from you. We welcome all enquiries, and feedback. Feel free to reach out to us.

General Information
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+255 714 123 456

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+255 714 987 654

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