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Mwanza University offers scholarship

Mwanza University offered scholarships to Mariam, a domestic helper who had the necessary admission qualifications to enroll in advanced level study but lacked the funds and support. 

The tragic tale of Mariam Mchiwa, a bright young girl who performed exceptionally well on her ordinary secondary school final exam but was unable to continue with her advanced secondary school studies due to lack of funding. When she opted to work as a housemaid in order to pay for her advanced level school education. However, MzU vows to back the efforts of the government engineered by the Dodoma Regional Commissioner Hon. Anthony Mtaka in his efforts to find a solution to Mariam’s dilemma.

In response to this, MzU has chosen to provide Mariam with full scholarship for her Secondary Education and further to tertiary education. This included paying Mariam’s school fees and other needed fees. We have joined hands with Hon. Mtaka to open a bank account to deposit all the fees for Mariam, including supporting her in day-to-day needs such as stationery, food, and travel. We welcome Mariam Mchiwa to our MzU scholarship programme upon successful completion of her advanced level studies

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