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World class university in teaching, research, innovation and services

Why Mwanza University

Mwanza University is a higher education institution which strives for excellence in teaching, research, innovation and community service. It offers student-centered learning to nurture critical thinking and problem solving skills for career prospects.

A “state of the art” campus designed to provide students and academic staff with inclusive teaching – learning environment that supports the needs of students in the core functions and extra-curricular activities.

About Us

Mwanza University is a private university licensed by Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) with the vision of becoming a world-class University of choice in teaching, research and services, and a mission statement derived from the aspirations of its founders to deliver education services in a custom that guarantees learning become easier, fun and useful for all students studying at Mwanza University producing valuable contributing citizens of the global society

Internationalization and Global Engagement

Welcome to Mwanza University’s Internationalization and Global Engagement page, where we eagerly embrace individuals from around the world to partake in our diverse and enriching educational experience. Our primary objective is to equip students with the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence to become compassionate global citizens and influential leaders, capable of making a significant positive impact on our interconnected world. Through our world-class programs and inclusive environment, we foster a sense of unity and cultural exchange, empowering graduates to drive positive change on a global scale. Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter, interconnected future!

Student Welfare and Accomodation

Tanzania is a secular state, and Mwanza University was established to promote and foster religious practices. As a consequence, students have religious freedom as long as it is meant to benefit students and promote positive religious values while not interfering with other university fundamental tasks. The Dean of Students should be contacted for permission and a location for such activities. There are, however, chapels and mosques close to the university campus.

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Tandabui Institute of Health Sciences and Technology
A sister collage to Mwanza University

Diploma Programmes

TIHEST provides a selection of high-quality programs to meet your needs no matter where you are in life. Study with us and benefit from our kind, knowledgeable instructors....

Certificate Programmes

TIHEST has been a pioneer in mid-level education delivery in the country and abroad for more than ten years. Our dedication to enlisting and attracting the brightest minds in the search for deeper human knowledge, ground-breaking scientific advancements, and societal service lies at the heart of our diverse spectrum of academic research...

Mwanza is more than just our home city

It’s an extension that provides intellectual and cultural activities to enhance your Mwanza experience.